ABB Australia has developed a new Magnetic Insulated Barrier to help save lives.

The insulated barrier shields people working with electrical equipment from live electrical components to provide a safer work environment. The innovative use of flexible magnet strips enables users to easily and safely apply and remove the barrier when working within the vicinity of live components.

The idea resulted from a hazard alert raised by an employee in 2015. The alert detailed an incident where an extra low voltage cable dislodged during testing, causing a spark where the cable came into contact with the equipment’s metal frame.

ABB consulted with safety regulators, utilities, customers and competitors and found only limited solutions available. It lead to ABB Australia, in conjunction with electrical safety supplier Legend Power Group, developing the new magnetic insulating barrier.

The barrier is a lightweight, semi-transparent mat that can be made in various sizes, calibrated and certified to withstand certain voltages. The mat acts as a barrier when placed over potentially live electrical components.

The flexible magnets make it is easy and safe to apply when fault finding low voltage and extra low voltage circuits within switchgear control cabinets.

The product is now available through electrical wholesaler Legend Power Group.


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