A fully condensing appliance will produce up to 3.5 litres of condensate per hour for every 30kw of input.

Holmak products are based on the counterflow principle which is particularly efficient.

Temperature reset can allow for minimised energy consumption of HVAC equipment when operating in part-load conditions.

Using air-to-fuel ratio control equipment such as oxygen trim control ensures a more complete combustion to reduce energy consumption by up to two per cent.

The latest range sets a new benchmark for domestic hot water heat pumps in Australia.

The rooftop cooling towers are covered in a metal mesh fabric which gives it a futuristic look.

Heat exchangers coated with these paints are particularly suited to the food industry where high standards of hygiene is essential.

For years industry has 'tweaked' heat duty calculations when sizing heat exchangers, its been used as a weapon in deception in the battle to win contracts.

The need for sufficient capacity margins in heat exchangers - and their impact on the energy efficiency of the total system is often underestimated.

HVAC optimisation does not require much capital to implement as it focuses on the best use of existing systems rather than upgrades and replacements.

A new research report claims the insulation market will grow at a CAGR of 7.94 per cent to 2019.

There are over 500 heat wheels installed in aquatic centres, indoor pools, commercial buildings and hospitals around the country.

Leading players include Alfa Laval, GEA, Danfoss and Xylem Inc.,

CoilDesigner is a highly customizable software tool that allows designers to simulate and optimize the performance of heat exchangers.

The commercial range also employ an inline tube pattern as used in industrial coils.