When purchasing we all try to get more for less.

We want value or, more specifically, a good deal. We all know bargain shoppers who thrive on a good sale.

In my experience it is called a bargain basement sale because that's where most of the bargains belong – in the basement.

Clearly I'm not much of a bargain hunter although I am a firm believer in the old adage: you get what you pay for.

This is why it is easy for me to understand the constant complaints I hear about local businesses battling to compete with cheap imports.

Quality is not a consideration for buyers blinded by price. How often have I heard of winning tenders that are so price-driven they undercut common sense?

For me the issue has been a re-occuring theme over the past few years but I have refrained from openly discussing 'shades' of a good deal or 'special offers' because there will always be a select few willing to take a shortcut in a bid to save a few dollars.

The question of ‘quality versus price’ has been raised by industry loudly and often in recent weeks.

It began with CA Group Services managing director, Ian Tuena, talking about the real cost of sustainable design which cannot be measured in dollars alone.

The most glaring example of shoddy workmanship for a quick buck is covered by RACCA president, Kevin O'Shea.

He has called for the abolition of the Certificate II course which is negatively impacting the RAC trade. Its a problem that should have been addressed a long time ago.

Tell me what you think – are buyers more concerned with price than quality?


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