While new synthetic refrigerants are being developed that offer lower GWP, many of these are largely untested or are yet to be deemed acceptable substitutes by regulatory authorities such as the EPA.

While we've all had a bit of time over the festive season to cool down, I suspect its going to take more than a few weeks away from the office to get past some of the problems industry is tackling right now.

There is a way forward for PRIME, but it will lack the breadth it needs to truly achieve industry collaboration and consensus unless it can engage with other interested parties, particularly trade and end user organisations.

Some winning tenders are so price-driven they undercut common sense.

What is the consulting industry going to do to make a contribution to the reduction of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions?

The phasedown was a central topic at the recent biannual A-Gas customer seminar in Sydney.

CCN Live has provided industry with a platform which is why its important to start thinking about next year's event.

It is this diversity that has created an industry of people that can only be described as multi-talented.

A dry indoor atmosphere increases susceptibility to airborne viruses.

Did I notice an upswing in business activity during ARBS, or was it just an upswing in enthusiasm?

An estimated 1.6 billion air conditioning units will be installed by 2050, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report.

It is heat that turns Legionella from a Dr.Jekyll to a Mr. Hyde.

2016 presents a plethora of opportunities for organisations in the energy storage sector and it's time to consider re-investing in PV.

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There are two broad groups of gaseous extinguishing agents - inert gases and synthetic gases.

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