When flexibility and versatility count, the Ambassador Condensing Boiler Modupak Assembly is the perfect choice for new and replacement boiler installations.

Incorporating high efficiency Ambassador Condensing Boiler Modules, Airatherm has created the Modupak concept to ring a new level of versatility to the boiler market with factory pre-assembled Modular boiler packages from 200kW to 2000kW outputs for indoor plant room or outdoor applications.

The highest quality Ambassador Condensing Boilers have been made in Europe for over 20 years and are now available in Australia to suit Australian conditions.

They are locally assembled into the Modupak Modular Assembly concept to suit any boiler application with high efficiency, long life corrosion resistant stainless steel heat exchangers, high turn down electronic modulation and ignition control, inbuilt pumps and inbuilt cascade remote temperature set point adjustment with staging optimisation for balanced durability over the entire modular package.

Maximum load turndown and builtin redundancy are key features of the Modupak concept. For example, each independent boiler module can be totally isolated for service, repair or even replacement without the need to shutdown the entire boiler system.

Plant room installation time and cost savings are also significant features of the Ambassador Modupak as each system is supplied factory-assembled and fully completed on a heavy duty floor mountable stand which has an integrated builtin flanged hydrolic separator to suit all system requirements.

This is in addition to flow and return headers with flexible pipe connections for each boiler module.

Cost effective installation is easy as the Modupak systems are supplied with single pipe connection for flow and return, gas, pressure relief and drain, along with a plastic condensate pipe outlet ready for direct connection to an optional condensate neutraliser unit piped to a suitable sewer drainage point.

Flue systems can be very economical with simple 100mm single flue outlets per module or they can be more complex with multiple boiler module flue outlets into one single larger flue outlet configuration.

Even plant room sealed combustion air systems are possible simply by ducting fresh outside air to each boiler module.

If access is a problem, the Ambassador Modupak systems are ideeal for difficult plant room boiler replacement projects.

The Ambassador Modupak can be supplied complete or in SKD kit form for easy handling of single boiler modules, stand and header assemblies for easy access up stairwells, goods lift and even through standard door widths eliminating the need for expensive crainage or building mofications.

For more information about the Ambassador Modupak range contact Airatherm Pty Ltd on (03) 87395408.

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