Michell Instruments has announced the launch of its recently enhanced QMA401 Low Maintenance Trace Moisture Analyser.

Maintaining this new generation quartz-crystal oscillator based analyser is simple, infrequent and inexpensive. No service at all is required for at least 2 years, at which point the desiccant dryer could need replacement – a process that can be carried out by the user in less than 10 minutes.

It’s straightforward to replace the internal moisture generator in the field with a freshly calibrated NPL or NIST traceable reference unit from the factory, which will last for a full 3 years of operation.

The newly designed quartz crystal technology-based hygrometer features an improved touch-screen interface.

The menu system is intuitive for easy operation following the structure known from Michell’s premium range of chilled mirror hygrometers.

Operators, and service engineers, will be able to switch easily between the S8000 chilled mirror range and the QMA401.

The case of the QMA401 has also been redesigned with a modern, easy-clean surface, which is similar in look and feel to the S8000 precision hygrometers.

Using the new generation of quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensor, the QMA401 precision hygrometer provides consistently accurate measurements of trace moisture.

This is achieved through an automatic self-calibration system which adjusts the analyser against an internal moisture generator (traceable to NPL and NIST).


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