Problems with temperature loss, dust egress, and vermin, are common issues for many manufacturing facilities, logistics and warehouses.

High trafficked doorways require a specialized door that will not only operate quickly and efficiently, but provide a high level of control.

Sydney-based company, DMF International Pty Ltd have supplied rapid roll doors with flexible PVC type panels for over 25 years.

The Aussie designed and manufactured products, can be customised for any situation. The Series RL3000 flexible high speed door can withstand the harsh conditions of any application.

With a door panel constructed from polyskin 900gsm, aluminium door structure, and fully programmable control system, this door model is a v ery popular choice for clients Australia wide, but also throughout NZ and SE Asia.

This high speed door is suitable for opening sizes up to 36m2, and comes with many options including safety and activation sensors.

Fast, efficient, and safe, this door is a must to be considered for your next project.

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