In areas where higher ambient temperatures occur, Dewerson said XP40 has proven to be a better performer than R404A.

Its Testo's Smart Probes app that gives these devices the 'smart' moniker as it allows the tools to connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Events will be staged in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland over the first week of July.

Publication of the standard is expected in 2018.

Devices can be quickly installed on-site thanks to the control electronics being factory-wired, making them immediately ready to operate.

The new 6-cylinder compressors offer higher efficiency and a quieter operation compared to its predecessors.

Genie in nitrogen is an ideal companion for any work project.

Voltage imbalance can cause motors to draw more than 20 per cent excess current and that is no good for motors running at their full nominal rating.

Azane's ammonia technology offers up to 95 per cent reductions in refrigerant charge.

Design changes can deliver saving of up to 30 per cent compared to a standard condensing unit.

Indigo is ideal for cold storage and demanding HVAC applications such as swimming pools.

It can be deployed and fully operational in 10 minutes with no specialised equipment required.

The ExV family offers cooling capacities from one to over 2000 W, usable in all refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Once the system is operational, customers can use a smartphone or laptop to receive alerts and examine real-time or historical data.

Service engineers can quickly and reliably set device parameters, analyse errors, view data logs and update firmware.

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