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CCN readers are passionate about refrigeration and air conditioning, which is great because CCN is passionate about showcasing this dynamic industry, and the people that make it such a success.

Since 2015, the HVACR Leadership Awards program has rewarded excellence and provided a platform for our top leaders, innovators and champions.

These awards are about people, the heroes behind the project. HVACR is so far-reaching it could never be reduced to a few job titles. Let’s recognise our HVACR heroes from all walks of industry. 

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Rising Star   Woman of the year
  Leader of the year

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These awards recognise the future champions (or current young champions) - those who have either risen quickly through the ranks, or significantly contributed to a project, product, research or program that is making a positive difference. This category is awarded to both a male and female rising star under the age of 30.


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Recognising the successful career of a woman working in HVACR. The winner has demonstrated excellence in her field, and is a source of inspiration for other women.


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Recognising overall excellence in leadership. Going to a professional that has a well established HVACR career and has contributed extensively to the development and improvement of the HVACR industry.






Tradie of the year   Contractor of the yera   Leader in energy saving

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This award recognises excellence a tradesperson has demonstrated during installation as well as exceptional customer service. This tradesperson has the potential to be the best Tradie in the business.


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This award recognises sole trader/contractor or small business operator excellence, a contractor that has demonstrated exceptional levels of technical expertise, innovation and customer service


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 Recognising excellence in sustainability and energy savings. Awarded to a professional that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in a project showcasing sustainability as well as reducing energy use.



In preparation for your entry, it may help you to collect information on the following…

• A short resume of work experience and education
• Examples of projects that the nominee had completed that stood out, either because of the results they achieved, or because of the innovative approach taken.
• One or two referees that will vouch for the nominee

Entries are now closed. 

Good luck!

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