Replacement of the 40 fans took place in two batches during planned outages.

Propane brings lower noise levels and also provides significant gains in system efficiency.

It's no secret that the greatest areas of growth in the data centre market are in hyperscale facilities - typically cloud or colocation providers - and at the edge of the network.

The project will guarantee the future of the mine.

The portal provides a statistical analysis of how the coolers are actually being used in the field.

By 2050 the world's population will reach nine billion with 70 per cent living in cities.

The compact chiller delivers a cooling capacity up to 160 kW in a very small space.

Monitoring and managing critical equipment is vital for ensuring business continuity and a wide range of data can be collected via an easy to use interface from air conditioning systems, temperature and pressure sensors, UPS systems and PDUs.

Ice Cub is a smaller scale version of the Ice Bear which is targetting the potentially huge residential market.

If defrosting methods are not optimised, refrigeration plant efficiency suffers.

Marine operation requires refrigeration to function under tough conditions at sea.

The filters also keep the air fresh by deodorising the molecules that accumulate in the system and cause odour.

The new data centre will save up to 40 per cent in electricity costs.

The single level data centre is situated on 30 hectares and will open in early 2018.

The new unit brings the application of magnetic levitation technology in the refrigeration sector to an entirely new level.

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