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Bradwell said a high Australian dollar has seen net imports increase and local manufacturing become less competitive. "This is why the first agenda item for team meetings is: What do we do well and what can we do to improve?"

Employment growth in the industry has largely been constrained to NSW and Victoria for the last decade. These two states account for 94% of nationwide growth.

Around 11.4 per cent Australia's emissions can be attributed to households, and with construction continuing at a steady pace, the AHD Portal can pinpoint where energy efficiency efforts are on track, and where they may need increased focus.

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Engineering is one of the few professions in Australia without a mandatory licensing scheme.

The centre is expected to open in late 2019.

Just last week apartment owners were awarded more than $5.7 million in damages following the 2014 flammable cladding-fuelled fire at Melbourne’s Lacrosse building.