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Employment growth in the industry has largely been constrained to NSW and Victoria for the last decade. These two states account for 94% of nationwide growth.

Around 11.4 per cent Australia's emissions can be attributed to households, and with construction continuing at a steady pace, the AHD Portal can pinpoint where energy efficiency efforts are on track, and where they may need increased focus.

The Cube Comfort Monitor can vary in size from individual desktop cubes to miniaturized whole-of-office systems that sit in the corner of a room. It is a low-cost way of collecting data.

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The 400kW refrigeration plant consists of compressors, plate heat exchanger, evaporative condenser, glycol tank, and all associated pumps, valves and insulated pipe work.

The addition of Quantify’s technology to the living lab trial will enable building automation and energy consumption monitoring within the building.

The Fairwater Project represented a unique opportunity to measure, evaluate and understand the use of new technologies.