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The 11,093sqm state-of-the-art 5-star Green Star energy rated building houses more than 80 Fujitsu General staff, and an 8,500 sqm distribution warehouse.

The system simultaneously delivers predictive HVAC maintenance capabilities including an easy-to-understand diagnostics dashboard that informs building managers ahead of time if a service issue is imminent, saving time and money.

Electromagnetic technologies are safer than gas-fired heating, more controllable and produce a more consistent output, the report said listing the benefits of infrared radiation, induction heating and dielectric heating.

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The software will streamline communication and automate routine tasks to efficiently manage daily Certification and Monitoring activities providing certainty in delivery.

Releasing its Thriving Cities policy platform, ASBEC professor, Ken Maher, said Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world, and this is set to continue to keep pace with population and economic growth.

The UTC building was specifically designed to indoor air quality specifications that can double occupants' cognitive function test scores compared to a conventional building environment.