In a maintenance or retrofit situation, the joints can be disassembled and reinstalled as needed, without having to cut out and remove excess piping.

Voice control is one of the fastest growing areas in the smart building market.

The guidelines assist building certifiers, engineers, builders and installers.

In 2014, Gree successfully developed the magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller and used ARBS 2018 to showcase its magnetic bearing compressor technology.

JNG has technical support staff answering phones and providing customer support.

No service is required at all for at least two years.

Single and double circuit models are available for chillers and heat pumps dedicated to large commercial buildings such as hotels.

The MultiPlus-II is a transformer-based system, which can immediately deliver backup power if the grid drops out, including start-up supply for high-demand devices such as air conditioners and freezers.

Ambassador Condensing Boilers are now available in Australia and made to suit Australian conditions.

The energy efficiency of HVAC and other process cooling equipment systems in large commercial buildings, manufacturing plants and industrial processes relies on precision air flow metering.

The mirror is highly resistant to corrosion from acids and other contaminants.

By enabling the Comfort module of the app, facilities teams can gauge the 'human' impact of their heating and cooling strategies, by turning tenants into the ultimate building sensors.

Contactors have traditionally been used to switch electrical loads in applications such as motors, fans and pumps.

The new R-513A can substitute the former standard R-134a and uses the same compressor types.

ClimaECO is an open system designed to operate seamlessly with existing technology.