As a refrigeration solution, it is ideal for supermarket applications, consuming less electrical power than the typical desiccant system.

KSB Supreme motors with a rated speed of 3000 rotations per minute in efficiency class IE5 are now available up to a rating of 18.5kW.

Three and five per cent accuracy ranges are available to suit a variety of needs.

The power of the 60 cell NeON R module reaches an incredible 360W making it ideal for limited roof space.

The partial load performance of the 5th generation VRF technology delivers outstanding energy efficiency airflow performance.

The new zone control system features remote smartphone app control and monitoring.

It uses SunSpec-compatible open communication protocol to ensure compliance with future grid codes and maintains off-the-shelf interoperability with other devices in the system.

The new axial fans can be ideally matched to the required application.

Today's HVAC solutions address key concerns such as high efficiency, increased comfort and reduced operating costs throughout the life of the building.

An optional display is also available to create a highly accurate, yet cost-effective hygrometer.

Flir One Pro is the most advanced ever developed and features a ruggedized design, adjustable height connector and a more powerful set of imaging features for the job site.

The XZR500 monitors the exhaust gas for excess oxygen ensuring that the conditions are kept close to stoichiometric (ideal) levels.

A common issue that can arise in HVAC systems is mould growth due to the formation of condensation inside machinery.

The PX3 series also offers freeze-thaw resistance to frost, which is commonly found in refrigeration systems.

Yellow Jacket pioneered and patented the stainless steel sensor before releasing the new Omni Vacuum Gauge.