Vaisala's product development is located in Finland, as is the sensor factory with its crown jewel, the cleanroom.

This technology requires 80 per cent fewer moving parts than traditional oil or refrigerant-lubricated drivelines.

The FDT range includes an in-ceiling, four directional indoor unit which offers improved airflow via a high performance yet low noise fan.

M-ACCESS will support total management of commercial businesses and office buildings.

The product also comes standard with a water management system, allowing for savings on water bills too.

This series combines free cooling, adiabatic cooling and mechanical chilling in one sealed outdoor container.

The digital water sensor eliminates the need for floats ensuring block free operation.

The module makes it easy and inexpensive to integrate the compressor into a whole host of system configurations.

The 25HP and 30HP units have been developed in Australia.

The new Copeland Scroll ZF*KA line addresses the need for compatibility with new refrigerants, and highly reliable, smaller, capacity systems.

The units are demand response ready, allowing energy suppliers to remotely lower device energy consumption when the community is experiencing peak electrical loads.

These units are the lightest solution in the market with a maximum weight of 87kg.

The SSD comes with its own built-in DC driven drain pump and optional left/right drain discharge ports.

It is accurate, affordable and easy to use.

It features technology that reduces the size of the refrigerant charge and is ideal for cooler, freezer and blast freezer applications.