The products are designed for optimal energy yield and maximum efficiency.

Traditional BMS will typically serve large buildings and have been out of reach to the lower end of the market due to price.

Each of the seven heat exchanger sizes is available with or without a fan.

Airefrig Australia has been a major stockist for all Bitzer Australia products for the past 30 years.

While the material has been available for several years, it was only late in 2016 that the fire resistant nature of the product received certification.

Insulcor has made insulating a demountable core filter drier and suction accumulator much easier.

The solutions are available in single, double and four rack configuration as well as bespoke options.

Engineered using the same blade technology as jet engine planes, the system boasts the longest reach airflow on the market.

Whether welded or glued: Kelvion adapts both versions to the necessary air volume flow.

Operators of photovoltaic systems can achieve more independence from the public grid with the Fronius Energy Package.

In the next six months, Teco Australia will be introducing a number of new product lines including ducted systems, cassettes and a new range of multi-head systems.

As a refrigeration solution, it is ideal for supermarket applications, consuming less electrical power than the typical desiccant system.

KSB Supreme motors with a rated speed of 3000 rotations per minute in efficiency class IE5 are now available up to a rating of 18.5kW.

Three and five per cent accuracy ranges are available to suit a variety of needs.

The power of the 60 cell NeON R module reaches an incredible 360W making it ideal for limited roof space.