The PX3 series also offers freeze-thaw resistance to frost, which is commonly found in refrigeration systems.

Yellow Jacket pioneered and patented the stainless steel sensor before releasing the new Omni Vacuum Gauge.

The latest VRV IV Heat Recovery offers both multi-port and single-port branch selector units.

It is the first true open supervisor and controller that can interoperate with any BACnet unitary controller and is 100 per cent web based.

The AJ2 condensing units have new improved pipe design and an HP/LP safety switch as standard.

The housing is hermetically sealed and has no problem withstanding even highly dynamic temperature changes.

Testo's service centre in Australia has diagnostic equipment to conduct a comprehensive analysis on all of your instruments.

The inspection checklist app is so popular it is used 50,000 times a day in over 80 countries.

Premium Passive House certified MVHR systems can offer up to 95 per cent heat recovery while maintaining fresh air rates.

Both the SHDS and SDHV series utilise DC inverter system technology for greater energy efficiency.

It lifts easily into the boot of a car, is carried in one hand, and it allows one man to do the job of two or three installers.

Users can set a target micron level and let the device alarm a phone or table when the vacuum level is reached.

HACCP-certified units are best suited for hygienically sensitive areas.

The Clarity application allows users to drill down into charts, graphs and reports for more detail.

The success of Frigel's Ecodry 3DK coolers lies in its worldwide patented adiabatic chamber.