The APS range is fully fitted, wired and protected, making it easy to apply to many cooling and freezing applications.

Aeroflex is one of the largest suppliers of pipe insulation on the Australian market with a fire rating of 0003.

With one touch of a button, customers can reduce energy use by up to 45 per cent on heating mode and up to 38 per cent on cooling mode.

The direct to metal coating is the first water basd corrosion protection coating designed for the harsh Australian climate.

Climate Wizard has high efficiency inverter drive fan motors and BMS capability.

The product sets a new standard in performance accuracy, reliability, ease of use and value.

The lightweight and portable cordless pump is ideal for sites where power supply is an issue.

Three new refrigerats with low GWP are available in the GPC including R454, R455A and R457A.

The products are designed for optimal energy yield and maximum efficiency.

Traditional BMS will typically serve large buildings and have been out of reach to the lower end of the market due to price.

Each of the seven heat exchanger sizes is available with or without a fan.

Airefrig Australia has been a major stockist for all Bitzer Australia products for the past 30 years.

While the material has been available for several years, it was only late in 2016 that the fire resistant nature of the product received certification.

Insulcor has made insulating a demountable core filter drier and suction accumulator much easier.

The solutions are available in single, double and four rack configuration as well as bespoke options.