Customers can build cost-effective liquid chillers which meet statutory efficiency requirements without resorting to the costly use of frequency inverters.

Options include a CAL distributor for multiple injection of refrigerant, as well as an easily accessible condensate-water pump for medium temperature cooling.

Routine HVAC maintenance can help technicians identify issues with equipment before these threats pose a danger to the workforce.

The perfect flame means no carbon monoxice or UV radiation.

When used with the handy differential mode, readings can be used to show the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems.

It is quick and easy to install and can be connected to new and existing installations, with all parameters updated in real time.

The beacon has five flashing modes: 1Hz, 1.3Hz, 2Hz, double strike and triple strike with an effective output of up to 180cd for warning applications.

Allure EC Smart-Comfort provides installation savings as the sensor models are available with 8 digital inputs.

GEA's new freezing technology adjusts air temperature and fan speed to achieve the exact freezing quality with minimum energy consumption.

It provides calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, and various electrical signals.

The technology is compatible with Google Home and Google Assistant, with additional voice control also available.

It has been designed with a low height and small footprint, making it perfect to fit into tight spaces, such as above freezer rooms or cabinets.

Vaisala's product development is located in Finland, as is the sensor factory with its crown jewel, the cleanroom.

This technology requires 80 per cent fewer moving parts than traditional oil or refrigerant-lubricated drivelines.

The FDT range includes an in-ceiling, four directional indoor unit which offers improved airflow via a high performance yet low noise fan.