On average, Australians waste 860kg of food per person annually.

The awards are an opportunity for industry to showcase their skills, products and performance across all sectors of the HVACR and building services industry.

A package of measures for fire safety in high rise buildings was developed following the fire at Lacrosse Apartments on the morning of November 25, 2014.

The hospital was supposed to open in 2015 but will now open in 2018.

A series of recommendations have been developed to help government and industry understand how the HVAC and property sectors can best transition to managing net zero energy buildings.

The phaseout of R-22 units will be completed by 2020, encouraging HVAC system owners to replace their existing units before the phaseout.

The study, which has been awarded a grant from NASA, will examine the delicate relationship between cooling and water consumption.

A-Gas is planning to add to the workforce and invest in new equipment.

The guide provides practical guidance for built environment professionals and regulatory agencies.

Last year the company established its headquarters in South Australia's capital, Adelaide.

The number of people living in medium and high density housing has increased 32 per cent since 2011.

First time awards, including Contractor of the Year and Tradie of the Year, were also popular.

Precision Mechanical Services manager, Pam Rogers, is a HVAC technician with a Cert IV in OH&S.

Abdelahad is best known as the driving force leading the team developing Optergy Enterprise to help building managers better monitor and manage their building, mechanical and electrical systems.

The second finalist is Jindabyne Refrigeration owner operator, Andrew Solomon.