The NIST study failed to find an ideal refrigerant that combined low GWP with other desirable performance and safety features like being nonflammable and nontoxic.

Paul Banister of Energy Action will explain how TM39 relates to NABERS.

The specific characteristics of HFC R-410A - which has been widely used to replace R-22 in stationary air conditioning applications - has contributed to the growth of scroll compressors.

The Camfil Group has around 3,900 employees and global sales are in excess of a billion dollars.

The system had significant potential to improve energy intelligence.

More than 60 per cent of the stands have already been booked.

Asia is performing well but is no longer showing the dynamic growth of previous years.

Fluoroproducts president, Paul Kirsch, said Opteon adoption provides a path for customers to move away from HFCs.

Carel said the use of natural refrigerants must also be accompanied by energy efficiency, easy installation and remote monitoring.

Almost half of the fans were smoke spill, ranging in diameter from 400mm to 800mm plus a number of large 1250mm diameter roof units.

He replaces Ania Hampton, who has stepped aside from the position due to ill health.

Quarterly inspections follow the award of UL certification to ensure that standards are maintained.

The consultation marks a key point in the evolution of the program as it grows in size, scope and influence.

The VRV AHU has a wide range of air flow options which is important when creating products for large commercial environments.

The new generation blue aluminum fin has an anti-corrosion coating making the unit more durable, while the super hydrophilic performance enhances heat exchanger efficiency by 40 per cent.