He will be responsible for Carrier residential and Toshiba air conditioning as well as the Totaline network.

Users can experience 4D objects in space and time, as opposed to a 2D screen depicting 3D objects.

DB can provide a complete offering from large chillers and air handling units to heat pumps, thermal energy storage and rooftop packaged units.

Rooney is a civil engineer and supports the Women in STEM initiative.

Data61's robotics infrastructure is open for industry use and collaborative projects.

Suppliers expect a significant reduction in registration fees under the new structure.

Research shows that insufficient ceiling insulation is by far the biggest issue in most Australian homes.

As well as referring to the HFC phasedown, the Climate Solutions Package includes an information program to inform owners of RAC equipment of the benefits of regular maintenance.

Future:Air is a partnership between AREMA and AMCA.

The funds will be rolled out over 10 years and includes energy efficiency initiatives for the refrigeration sector.

The role of the RAC Industry Advisory Committee will be to provide industry-specific expert advice to the Department of the Environment and Energy.

Phase two of the public consultation process will close on March 1 with the next TAC meeting scheduled for March 13, 2019.

New and improved acceptable construction practices (ACPs) are included along with improved ACPs for roof and wall cladding.

The office of the Building Commissioner would also conduct regular audits.

Ministers were also updated on work to develop an Australian standard for permanent labelling of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs).