Air Conditioning

The advanced nanoe-G air purifying system removed 99 per cent of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould.

One downside identified by the report is intense price competition which is resulting in decreased profit margins for a number of players.

Recently launched innovative products from Samsung include the 360 Cassette and DVM S mini 14HP - 40kW side discharged VRF module.

Wineries can control temperature and humidity of barrel halls using 100% outside air.

Elliott has 16 years experience in HVAC and consumer electronics.

There have been big improvements to compressor design which is important because the compressor is the heart of an air conditioner.

The modular condensing units are much smaller with each unit taking up much less space.

The chiller enables users to reduce annual utility costs by 36 per cent to 50 per cent compared to conventional chillers.

A lot of internal heat is generated from milling, turning and cutting metal.

Staff spent minimal time on the roof, with no hot work required. They easily completed the installation in two hours.

The tower contains 732 apartments which will be air conditioned using cooled reverse cycle variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems.

The club has also reduced landfill by 24 tonnes per month.

The EWAD-TZ chiller has the same footprint as a non-inverter unit but that is where the similarities end.

At full load eDrive automatically controls energy costs via an electronic adjustment of the pump curve.

About 14 per cent of electricity demand and five per cent of Germany's emissions can be attributed to cooling systems.