Air Conditioning

Savings through maintenance range from a 30 % improvement simply by removing refrigerant leaks to a 25% saving for cleaning and replacing filters on a regular basis.

The air-conditioning and refrigeration area boasts eight cool rooms with two being freezer room options as well as a practical workshop area and hybrid practical and theory room.

The new models range from 2.0kW to 22.4kW and all feature R32 refrigerant.

The extended list of features begins with the brushless DC inverter technology, allowing the Aura Inverter Hi-Wall Split System to achieve optimum comfort, even at an outdoor temperature as high as 50⁰C and as low as -15⁰C for heating.

MHI Thermal Systems Ltd has developed a demonstration unit of the residential air-conditioner featuring R454C with preparations underway to begin mass production.

MHIAA general manager, sales and planning, Adrian Brown, said the new appointments give the company ample opportunity for expansion, refinement and improved collaboration.

Daikin is also in the process of expanding its factory in Sydney, a process that has been underway since October 2018 and is expected to reach completion mid-2019.

The MSZ-AP Series features Dual Barrier Coating, designed to reduce dust and greasy dirt from entering the air conditioner. The coating works like a nonstick surface, providing long-lasting protection to the heat exchanger, fan and air ducts.

The most exciting feature of the new premises is the state-of-the-art showroom and training facility.

The all-new Variable Capacity Commercial series of packaged and split ducted air conditioners are designed to deliver energy efficiency with a range of advanced control options.

MHI Thermal Systems created the new company with the aim of expanding sales in China.

Seeley International has replaced a dozen stand-alone website for its many brands with one central address.

Firms in the consumer electronics category no longer dominate the smart thermostat market.

Gold Fin coils perform up to 20 times better under salt spray testing when compared to blue fin coils.

With units ranging from 22.4kW to 135kW the range is ideal for commercial environments such as hospitals, aged care facilities, retailers and schools.