Air Conditioning

Firms in the consumer electronics category no longer dominate the smart thermostat market.

Gold Fin coils perform up to 20 times better under salt spray testing when compared to blue fin coils.

With units ranging from 22.4kW to 135kW the range is ideal for commercial environments such as hospitals, aged care facilities, retailers and schools.

The acquisition provides a platform for Fujitsu General to expand its offering in the Australian commercial market.

The business has successfully rolled out over 11,000kW of geothermal heating and air conditioning capacity so far with contracts in place for an additional 18,000 kW.

2018 also saw Haier launch into the commercial market with a range of commercial products.

Sydney CBD commercial office buildings are estimated to consume in the order of 200 million litres of water per year – that’s enough to fill up 80 Olympic swimming pools.

To be published in February 2019, the new code must first be approved by the Australian Building Codes (ABCB) Board later this month.

The system’s design allows quiet operation and increased airflow for maximum comfort.

Designed to use electricity efficiently and effectively, the 2.5kW model has an impressive 5.5 energy star rating.

Lumelco has had exclusive rights to distribute products from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for more than 35 years.

MHIAA senior advisor, Graham Hamilton, said at the very heart of the company's design philosophy is the consumer.

A reduction in height and weight provides developers and installers with more positioning options when adhering to the installation space requirements.

Fujitsu General will monitor the success of this venture before committing to more centres in other states.

New product releases include a completely new VRF range, a new R32 high wall split range and a completely revised modular chiller range, just to name a few.