A new air conditioning company has launched in Australia promising to reduce power bills by 85 per cent.

Called Close Comfort, the unit provides cooling at just 295 watts – less than four incandescent light bulbs.

The expected cost per night of usage is only 0.75c on average.

Australian engineer and inventor of Close Comfort, Professor James Trevelyan wanted to create a solution that not only saves money but is a more environmentally conscious option.

He trialled the refrigerant cooling unit in Pakistan between 2007 and 2014 and it is now available in Australia for the first time.

"At 17Kg, the lightweight unit has no pipes, enabling instant use and portability from room to room. It uses refrigerant cooling and there’s no ice or water to fiddle with," Trevelyan said.

"My vision is that everyone living in hot and uncomfortable climates can enjoy personal air conditioning without having to expand electricity production and power networks.

" In the long-term, we can store enough solar energy to provide all the cooling we need at night and transform the lives of billions of people.”

The purchase price starts at $649 at

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