ARBS Exhibition 2018

A new product on show this year was the Emerson ZXD condensing unit with digital scroll.

A popular product this year was the Kirby 'multi-scrolled' Centurion condensing unit and the Aqualean range.

Find out why well known companies like Telstra and Woolworths use Innotech.

In this video, Robertshaw shares the details about four major products.

Check out all the action from the showroom floor.

Mark Tubby Taylor retired from Test cricket in 1999.

The presentation will examine innovative products to deliver better occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, energy efficiency and operating costs and improved life cycle of utilities.

Check out IBTech@ARBS which features free educational sessions on how connected building technology is impacting the HVACR industry as well as sessions on the future of smart buildings.

The preview provides a full roundup of all the highlights from each of the must-see stands.


ABB's HVACR technical experts will be on hand to discuss your requirements.

As leaders in innovation, Actrol's focus is on future technologies with several significant and exciting products and services being launched at the event.

Not only do we have the equipment to take on projects of any size, but we also have the people and experience to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Actron Air are planning a range of exciting new product announcements as well as daily information seminars.

The knowledgeable and friendly engineering team of Air Change will be ready at stand 4110 to answer questions and walk through and explain how their technology works.

A-Gas facilities are purpose-built to provide recovery, reclamation, laboratory testing, storage, filling and blending services.