Air Change
Stand 4110

ARBS is the perfect opportunity for Air Change to showcase our latest innovations in precise control, meeting the changing expectations of the end user.

Visit the stand to discover more about our new PCU range, and learn more about the success of our ACDHUM-LD units.

The PCU models allow the user to control the temperature and humidity while using our innovative heat exchange technology – creating huge savings both in cost and maintenance. The PCU is ideal in situations where both temperature and humidity must be constant – pharmaceuticals, labs or cool rooms, for example.

Expect a demonstration of the unit as you learn more about how your next project could benefit from having an extra level of control over the indoor climate.

The past year has been exciting for Air Change with the ACDHUM-LD design winning AIRAH's 2017 Product Excellence award. Refining the design of these low dewpoint dehumidifiers units mean that you will discover an incredibly efficient unit, ideal in supermarket freezer applications.

The knowledgeable and friendly engineering team of Air Change will be ready at stand 4110 to answer any questions, walk you through the way our technology works and provide expert advice on our growing selection of products and projects.

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