Case Studies

After installing the Danfoss electronic TX valves each system recorded an average power consumption of 30kW, resulting in an average saving of 15kW per system.

The system allows for the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat and cooling in a single process.

Newmason uses high thermal-load building materials with insulation in the walls, ceilings and floors.

The R744 system will run in transcritical format for only 850 hours per annum based on average ambient temperatures and will reach COPs of eight when running sub-critical.

The blend is a mix of 42 per cent R134a and 58 per cent HFO 1234ze(E) which is marketed by Honeywell as Solstice N13.

The centre covers over 13,600 square metres and is designed to scale to 25MW.

The only thing holding back a rapid expansion of Co2 refrigeration for all cooling, freezing and AC duties is the unavailability of larger compressors.

The units also incorporate EC plug fans for superior energy efficiency.

Five out of the eight fans were in continuous operation for 18 years without any problems.

The project included the installation of an all-new refrigeration system consisting of display cases, condensers, cool room and plant equipment.

As the hardware heats up in the tank, it boils the Novec fluid, and this change in state pulls the heat away from the components.

This solution dramatically reduces the heating costs compared with conventional pool water heating systems.

The basic operation of this unit involves two airstreams into the system.

The panels feature Kingspan's unique fibre free and fire resistant proprietary polyisocyanurate insulation core.

It is imperative that mechanically ventilated outdoor air is made available to the building.