Leaks, control failure, inadequate maintenance – what do all of these recurring air conditioning and refrigeration problems have in common? They're all due to outdated, inaccurate measurement and testing equipment.

Digital technologies like Testo's Smart Probe refrigeration set can drastically improve the way technicians manage and stay on top of these issues.

The advantages of digital over analog equipment can be summed up in a word: Precision.

Digital measurement solutions grant speed, accuracy and quality – allowing technicians to works smarter, not harder.

With analog systems, the reliance on hoses opens up plenty of room for error. For one, technicians work less efficiently as they need to visit every system they manage therefore, they only know of a problem when it's in front of them.

Depending on how long the broken system in question goes without inspection, this could be damaging to operational costs as well as the system itself.

Additionally, the old analog systems require clunky and cumbersome hoses for testing the systems. Often, this process means wasted refrigerant and because everything is done by hand, recording measurements takes time and can become inaccurate quickly.

In order to stay ahead of problems, technicians need the information to come to them, and that's where Testo comes in.

Here's how testo Smart Probes refrigeration set delivers precision. Both the testo 115i and the testo 549i can be installed directly at the temperature measuring point or pressure connection. The refrigeration sets are comprised of four instruments that measure high and low-side pressures, however there is no physical probe that captures the data – that's all done through your iPhone.

Your smartphone has the ability to communicate with up to six instruments and receive individual measurement data wirelessly. Now, the data is live and can be delivered to the Smart Probe App which can be viewed in either chart or table form and emailed as a PDF or Excel file eliminating the risk of human error.

Further, the app maximises your efficiency by saving you time as its functions include:

Timed and multi-point mean calculation,
Volume flow configuration, and
A pressure drop test.

This easy-to-use but highly advanced tool is configured to be operated during commissioning, servicing, PM and troubleshooting your AC, heat pump and refrigeration systems. The kit is packaged in a convenient Smart Case allowing technicians so the tools can always be on hand – just another way to save time and improve efficiency.

Want to win a testo 549. Check out testo on Facebook and explain what your hesitation is making the switch from analog to a digital. The best comment wins a testo 549 with the winner announced on March 26, 2018.

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