The Heatcraft Australia Stock Chiller Program is being widely used by contractors to meet the often critical time demands of the replacement chiller market.

Downtime can be a costly period for any business. In addition to lost production, service repercussions and labour costs, there is also the stress factor to the business owner and staff.

With the Lennox Stock Chiller Program, Heatcraft aims to minimise these cost and stress factors. Heatcraft Australia's built environment segment manager, Thanh Ngo, said the program minimises chiller delivery turnaround and the attributes of the Lennox stock chillers also minimise chiller upgrade changeover.

The company’s local stock holding covers air-cooled chillers with capacities from 30 to 300kW. Capacities greater than 300kW are also available and can be ordered by speaking with your Heatcraft Account Manager.

Ngo said Lennox high-efficiency chillers are configured for a wide application range, including comfort, industrial, process and low temp/glycol applications.

“They have a compact footprint and are suitable for low to high ambient conditions. Lennox chillers are also equipped with comprehensive integrated options including hydraulic modules, HLI protocols, acoustic treatment and superior coil protection delivering excellent corrosion resistance,” he said.

Heatcraft field engineer, John Mostyn, recently worked with Clements Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical operations manager, Mark Anderson, to install a Lennox Ecolean Chiller at the Sanitarium plant in Cooranbong, NSW. 

Anderson said the unit was needed to resolve a critical breakdown on the Pilot Plant Testing production line.

“Sanitarium’s ability to achieve production targets was compromised due to the existing chiller being out of action,” he said.

Through the Heatcraft Stock Chiller Program, Heatcraft was able to offer Clements chiller selections based on Clements’ heatload calculations and site assisted commissioning, to get their customer back in operation.

“The old chiller was decommissioning and the new chiller supplied, installed and commissioned in 16 hours,” Anderson said.

“Clements have continued to explore further options for the Lennox chillers for the simple fact that the equipment has performed to design conditions every time.

“With the assisted commissioning support it is a no brainer. Downtime is reduced, there are no embarrassing false starts and it works first time.

“Moreover, the product knowledge of the field engineers is second to none.”

For more information on the Lennox chillers or Heatcraft Stock Chiller Program, ring 13 23 50. To engage the services of Clements, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical, call 02 4932 3833 or visit

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