RectorSeal has been named the master distributor for GulfCoat by Modine Coatings which provide coil coating services.

Under the partnership RectorSeal will market GulfCoat, a contractor-applied HVACR system coil, component and cabinet corrosion-resistant coating throughout Australia and North America. In Australia it is managed by RectorSeal Australia Pty Ltd in Brisbane.

GulfCoat is available in 12-ounce (340-gram) aerosol cans. The water-based synthetic polymer blue or clear coating significantly extends new HVACR coil lifecycles in corrosive environments with negligible thermal heat transfer loss.

GulfCoat offers contractors a field or shop-applied coating protectant equivalent to the renowned Insitu, Modine Coatings’ industry-leading, factory-applied spray coating process that’s preferred by specifying engineers and commercial OEM manufacturers for HVACR equipment installed in corrosive environments.

Dubbed as “shark tough,” GulfCoat was designed to protect new and existing HVACR equipment from corrosive coastal air and passed ASTM B117 test standards for salt spray.

It also passed multiple marine and industrial ASTM test standards for resisting ultraviolet (UV) rays, acid rain, high concentrations of urban vehicle emission air pollutants and other outdoor contaminants that prematurely corrode unprotected coils and components.

Unlike some protective coatings, GulfCoat’s thin 0.4 to 1.4-mil coating boasts a minimal thermal degradation of less than one-percent and actually helps maintain optimal thermal heat transfer over the coil’s lifecycle, because its smooth gloss finish deters debris, dirt, mold and moisture accumulation.

Likewise, GulfCoat’s finish also helps maintain system static pressure and airflow efficiency.

One can of GulfCoat coats a residential unitary split system, mini-split or light commercial HVACR unit of up to 2.5-tonnes or a maximum eight-square-feet (0.7-meters2) of coil space.

Multiple can applications can also be contractor-sprayed uniformly throughout coils two-rows-deep and less on any packaged rooftops, large condensers, modular air handlers, air-cooled chillers and other equipment.

Components, as well as exposed line sets and other copper piping are also ideal coating candidates.

An application instructional video is available at

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