Airefrig Australia general manager, Stephen Cross, believes the most proactive innovators in the HVACR industry are contractors.

Cross said contractors are the traditional leaders of change in the market and this is likely to continue because they are out there on the front line.

Airefrig Australia is sponsoring the Contractor of the Year Award which is a new category in CCN's HVACR Leadership Awards.

Airefrig joins a long list of organisations sponsoring the 2017 awards program including ABB, Daikin, Temperzone and Toshiba. The speaker program for the awards event, CCN Live, which will be held on Thursday, August 24, is sponsored by Refrigerant Reclaim Australia.

Cross said the company selected this category because Airefrig wants to give back to the contractors that have supported “our growth over the last 47 years of business.”

Airefrig is a family owned Australian company and a big believer in the value of awards programs to recognise the people and organisations that contribute to the local HVACR industry.

“We believe in the contribution of companies/individuals who serve the industry with strong values, a solid work ethic and best business practices,” he said.

“We would like to acknowledge those who are leading the way with innovation and excellence.”

Cross said it is important because rewarding successful businesses through awards encourages contractors to raise their profile and find new ways to be market leaders.

“I think with the CCN awards continuing to gain recognition within the industry it helps build a culture that promotes innovation,” he said.

“When contractors see what other companies/individuals are achieving and working towards it leads to an overall increase in expectation for quality, innovation and excellence.”

But most importantly, Cross said that without contractors the HVACR industry including Airefrig Australia, would not exist.

“Therefore, we are honoured to be involved in an awards program that recognises excellence and builds a stronger industry,” he said.


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