GEA has delivered Australia's very first order for the new Plusbox SSV outdoor condensing units.

As per standard GEA design, the Plusbox SSV is fitted with generous air cooled condensers designed for Western Australia's ambient conditions.

Its steel undercarriage and myriad of technical features made the Plusbox SSV an ideal solution for GEA's customer, Freezair Pty Ltd.

According to the managing director of Freezair, Paul O'Keeffe, GEA accommodated the company's unique needs right through to final installation. “No option was considered too much trouble,” he said.

O'Keefe appreciated the robust design of the SSV, describing it as a quality unit.

“It makes my life easier and is an asset to the credibility of my business,” he said.

The Plusbox SSV is available from GEA Australia and incorporates the highly respected GEA Bock semi hermetic “E” series compressor and will incorporate the forthcoming 76 series compressor which is due later this year.

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