Almost half of existing university degrees could be obsolete within a decade if Australia's university system isn't overhauled.

That's how fast the job market is moving, according to a new report by professional services firm EY.

I certainly don't envy the students who have just entered university. By the time they graduate their skills could be redundant.

Remember the Committee for Economic Development report I wrote about in this column in 2014? The one that predcicted 40 per cent of Australian jobs that exist today are likely to disappear in the next 10 to 15 years?

Its a scary report but we all know the rapid pace of today's changing job market means we are constantly updating our skills as our roles evolve.

The good news is that not all jobs disappear completely,some just get an upgrade. Secretaries are a good example, they've been upgraded to executive assistants - a title that is a bit more gender neutral.

Today's RAC technician could be tomorrow's Comfort Architect or Indoor Climate Specialist. Or, how about Air Quality Integration Director? Now that sounds fancy.

It's easy to imagine refrigeration engineers as Temperature Specialists. If you're wondering why the sudden urge to
engage in a little crystal ball gazing, I was inspired by innovation expert, Nils Vesk, who delivered a presentation on jobs of the future that are likely to be in high demand.

One of those jobs was an Excess Capacity Broker. I was so sure this job title had something to do with the weight loss industry.  But no, its a person, that is employed to re-allocate resources or people within an organisation.Let me explain.

If 10 people in your company finished working on a project and half of them had a couple of weeks downtime until the next project then it is time to engage your friendly Excess Capacity Broker. This person will outsource excess brain power to another division for a couple of weeks to ensure resources are being used correctly.

But my favourite job of the future is the Human-Tech Integration Specialist. Now this person is what I would call "marriage material". I am serious. Anyone who works in the 21st century needs this person. Think about the number of apps, software and devices you use every single day. I know you have too many to count yet we really don't use them properly. We use about 10 per cent capacity (what a waste).

But the Human Technology Integration Specialist aka my future husband, is like a productivity optimisation expert, or in more simple terms, a bloody hero. They assess your daily routine and consolidate your apps and software down to three core critical programs to ensure you get more work done.

But before we all become Architects, Specialists or Experts, let's stop and appreciate the good work we do now as Fridgies, contractors and HVACR innovators by nominating for the 2018 HVACR Leadership Awards at

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