It is time to recognise the hard work of small business operators and sole traders in the HVACR industry, according to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) national sales & planning manager, Adrian Brown.

Describing contractors as the face of Australia's HVACR industry, Brown said it’s these small businesses that are in direct contact with consumers assisting them with their technical expertise on a day to day basis.

“They are our representatives, they are not only important to the growth of our business but also the growth of the HVACR industry as a whole. They continually strive to develop and learn and take on new technology and practices and they bring these changes to the consumers.”

MHIAA joins Innotech, Totaline, ABB, Toshiba and Daikin as sponsors of CCN's awards program which is now in its fourth year.

This year Contractor of the Year has been one of the most competitive categories in CCN's Leadership Awards.

Speaking to CCN about MHIAA's decision to sponsor this category for the 2018 HVACR Leadership Awards, Brown notes that “For MHIAA we believe that it is important to show our support for these contractors and the work that they do which is why we chose to sponsor the Contractor of the Year Award.”

“For MHIAA we recognise that it’s the contractors that take our products to the community which is why we want to acknowledge the work that they do,” Brown said.

“Innovation is in our DNA and as a company we focus on continuing to develop and challenge the market which is why it has been important for us to partner with CCN to be a part of the Leadership Awards,” he said.

“These awards are a way for us to remind contractors that we appreciate their efforts, it’s our chance to thank them for their continued support.

“We wish all the nominees for each of the categories the best of luck and look forward to the awards presentation to truly congratulate and support those who have demonstrated excellence across the HVACR industry.”



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