Airefrig Australia has announced its support for the new CPS Smart Tool range of wireless app-based tools and test equipment.

The Smart Tool range is a result of a recent global acquisition from CPS and the founder of the business Scott Madden’s mandate as an ex-fridgee was to make a range of wireless tools that are accurate, affordable and most importantly, easy to use.

Included in the range is the TS-100 data logger, this logger is small enough to fit on your key chain however it is one of the most powerful and accurate instruments of its kind.

The TS-100 measures dry bulb, wet bulb, feels like, dew point and relative humidity and is suitable for refrigeration and airconditioning contractors.

Airefrig general manager, Stephen Cross, said the best features of the TS-100 data logger include compact design, affordable price, ease of use and a high level of accuracy. “However, its ability to download and export the logged data from site to your phone or tablet without having to connect to your computer is a real time saver,” he said.

The TS-100 has over 500-hour battery life, adjustable logging increments, can download and export data from your phone and comes with the complementary CPS link app and is available in a compact protective carry case.

To find out more about the new range of Smart Tools, contact your local Airefrig branch on 1800 671 500.


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