CE Engineering carries all major compressor makes and models with over 150 re-manufactured compressors in its stores – making it the largest inventory of re-manufactured stock in Australia.

Combined with its highly efficient re-manufacturing process, CE Engineering has the fastest average turnaround times in the industry for both reciprocating and screw compressors.

CE Engineering is one of the very few compressor re-manufacturing companies that are currently rebuilding all makes of screw compressors.

The company will always strive to offer the highest levels of technical support and service when dealing with any screw compressor issue.

Its vast library of OEM and general literature enables the company to assist in the diagnosis and probable cause of most compressor failures and their relationship with system operating conditions.

CE Engineering service a wide variety of screw compressors from 35Hp to 900Hp units and offer the same warranty as the imported variety.

This is in addition to genuine and industry tested parts availability.

When combined with the falling Australian dollar it means customers get much cheaper units, often up to 50 per cent cheaper.

This means providing industry with a genuinely viable alternative when it comes to these important and larger machines.

CE Engineering also incorporates a dedicated on-site rebuilding division developed to provide a total compressor repair facility for contractors unable to remove the unit due to constraints on size, cost or design.

All of its rebuilt compressors, including those rebuilt on-site, are covered by a 12-month warranty.

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