It might also be beneficial to coat the unit’s compressors and accumulator to minimize the corrosive environment’s effect on these key components.

Sub-contractors are owed $2.7 million which is why Sommer & Staff Construction made the difficult decision.

“STEM skills are critical to future jobs and to Australia’s ongoing prosperity," O'Dwyer said.

As part of its expansion strategy Tradelink has opened 20 stores each year for the past two years.

It is the sole traders and small businesses that are in direct contact with consumers on a daily basis.

The insulated barrier acts as a shield for those working with electrical equipment.

Components, as well as exposed line sets and other copper piping are also ideal coating candidates.

The standard provides third party assurance of ethical business practices as well as a pathway for continuous improvement.

The app helps technicians resolve issues out of hours and is supported by training programs for dealers, retailers and installers.

Training is open to refrigeration contractors and consultants who are interested in specifying, selling, installing, commissioning and servicing CO2 systems.

The system meets the highest fire safety benchmark of the Australian built environment and was used in the Yorkshire Brewery Apartments development.

Located in the training centre are fully operational VRF systems with the complete suite of controls allowing attendees access to working systems for hands on diagnostics and programming.

There are different types of pressure vessels, lines and hoses which can be hazardous. These include boilers, air compressors and receivers, gas storage tanks and associated equipment.

Today's RAC technician could be tomorrow's Comfort Architect or Air Quality Integration Director.

It takes a lot more than technical skills to thrive in today's market.