With 46 years of history and a presence in more than 80 countries around the world, Embraco is a well established cooling specialist with particular expertise in natural refrigerants.

Embraco has been using natural refrigerants in its solutions portfolio, which covers commercial and household applications, for more than 20 years.

Attentive to market demands, the company believes that these fluids represent the future of refrigeration by sustainably aligning economic and environmental needs. That's because these refrigerants reduce the negative effects on the ozone layer, greenhouse effects and improve the equipment's energy efficiency.

Natural refrigerants are naturally occurring substances such as hydrocarbons (R-290, R-600a), CO2, ammonia, water and air.

Hydrocarbons, specifically, are very energy efficient gases that have zero ozone depleting characteristics, ultra-low global warming impact and provide a low cost refrigerant option. These fluids have no refrigerant glide, which provide an easier evaporator design.

They are perfect for self-contained equipment, including household refrigerators and freezers, small ice makers, commercial kitchens, medical freezers and refrigerators, water coolers, vending machines and bottle coolers.

These substances can be used as cooling agents (heat transfer medium) in refrigeration systems and provide significant compressor performance improvements. R-290 efficiency reaches up to 2.05 W/W and at least 2.7 million HFC-free light-commercial refrigeration appliances already exist worldwide.

Other benefits of R-290 and R-600a include: no liquid return issues, no refrigerant glide, low refrigerant charge as well as being an established technology.

The use of natural refrigerants with low GWP is on the agenda worldwide. Embraco reinforces its commitment to global sustainability by offering a full range of high efficiency compressors for light commercial applications utilising Propane (R-290) as a refrigerant.

Propane brings lower noise levels and also provides significant gains in system efficiency. Last year Embraco presented a Position Paper with long term, and transition period recommendations based on extended testing of various low GWP solutions to determine suitable non-flammable, synthetic alternatives to R404A and R134a.

One of the company's goals is to offer the best refrigeration solutions for its customers and educate the market on their use.
While safe and non-toxic, there are some concerns regarding the flammability of R290 and R600a.

Flammability risk, however, is very low. In fact, most household and light commercial applications refrigerant charges are equivalent to the charge of a handful of lighters.

Due to some safety concerns, rules on how to design and maintain equipment using these gases have already been very well established. Additionally, manufacturing companies and industry organisations have been working diligently to make sure technicians are trained to safely handle these refrigerants and service equipment that use hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbons represent the best and long term solution for low and medium pressure. Totaline Australia supports Embraco's position and products and is offering its hydrocarbon compressors to the Australian market.

Together, Totaline Australia and Embraco are working towards a cleaner and greener environment for future generations to come.

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