Simons has announced the availability of its compact and versatile high efficiency condensing boiler/ heater.

Both indoor and outdoor options are available in sizes from 80kW – 2000kW.

It is easy to install with a single point connection for flow/return, drain, gas to reduce site costs.

Specs at a glance:

Sizes: 80kW - 2000kW
Efficiency: 107% at 80/60 °C loop
Modular / Cascading
Up to 12 boilers – Excellent Redundancy and Turndown

Indoor/ Outdoor: Both Options Available
Heat exchanges: Stainless Steel with 5 Years Warranty
BMS: BMS interface via 0-10V signal
Pump Inbuilt - Primary


Contact Simons Boilers on 02 8338 8660.

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