Recognising that Australia has one of the hottest climates in the world, Wallace said its important to ask about critical temperature when selecting a refrigerant.

In relation to current energy storage trends, Morgan spoke enthusiastically about lithium ion batteries and the growing synergy between energy storage and renewables.

Tey also believes a new type of business leader is emerging in Australia. He said leaders are now more inclined to foster collaboration and work in an agile manner.

Known as the Cool Coalition, it can make a positive impact on climate change, help achieve sustainable development and save money.

As we approach the federal election in May, the question needs to be posed as to what role the federal government plays in ensuring the safety and amenity of buildings.

According to Yuji ITO, managing director for MHIAA, the company has been inspired by its customers.

Today, there are many alternatives to high-GWP refrigerants with comparable or superior energy efficiencies that can help reduce direct emissions.

The company’s focus has been mostly on heat exchange improvement which is a neglected space in HVACR.

More than 37 per cent of Australia’s office space is Green Star certified and six per cent of Australia’s workforce head to a sustainable office each day.

Asthma prevalence in Australia is among the highest in the world, with some estimates suggesting one child in five has wheeze symptoms and one in 13 has asthma.

Airefrig also continued to grow its network of branches with the relocation of the South Australian operations from Regency Park to Wingfield.

Totaline has a refrigeration guide for customers to help with cool room and freezer selection.

A mechanical engineer based in Perth, Baker describes refrigeration as a challenging business.

Solomon spent the first 10 years of his trade in Sydney working in supermarket refrigeration before moving to Jindabyne in 2012 and buying his own business.

Kenny's research and development efforts first began in the 1970s and led to the creation of temperature controllers that were so successful they stayed in production for 20 years.