Airefrig continues to expand its assembly factory in Australia to meet the increased demand for these high-quality refrigeration units.

The proceeds go to the Black Dog Institute to help with ongoing research into mental health.

Australia is just the third country in the world to set carbon neutral standards for the built environment - behind Canada and Brazil.

To raise awareness in the HVACR sector, Mackrill said AMCA is sending the blueprint to industry groups throughout Australia.

The risk from the microbial hazards associated with any water system can never be zero but can readily be controlled.

Australia's regulatory system has not kept pace with the emergence of complex global supply chains.

ISO 20400 directs organisations to minimise their environmental footprint, review their impact on human rights and act to positively contribute to society and the economy.

Les commenced studies at night school to obtain his certificate in refrigeration and air conditioning, while he continued working full-time and raising a young family with his wife Penny.

The voluntary accreditation scheme to cover natural refrigerants will be up and running later this year.

The $60 million Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices program will benefit around 47,000 apprentices and trainees over two years.

The main area of uncertainty relates to what refrigerants will emerge to replace high GWP HFCs over the next 20 years.

Most of them bid with zero margin hoping to get some scope creep or they just cut corners. The winning bid could be the cheapest possible HVAC system available.

Risk management plans, chemicals and magic gadgets focused on cooling towers, are a fruitless endeavour.

Facility managers will be at the leading edge of adopting tools that can augment their abilities rather than replace them.

Haier's expansion plans have been supported by a number of new appointments including five business development managers, a product manager, technical manager and national sales manager.