BUENO general manager, Lina Le, says she is very much a ‘child at heart’ which may explain the abundance of youthful enthusiasm and positivity.

Her refreshing outlook is infectious and is certainly befitting of a female Rising Star Award winner.

Talk to Le about the HVACR industry and she is quick to say that the best part about her job is definitely 'the people.'

“I am surrounded by the brightest, quirkiest, kindest and most fun souls and together we are working to create sustainable performance in the built environment and shape our company as a thought leader for the industry,” she says. “I love that BUENO believes in creating value, not only for shareholders but also for customers, our people, our community and the environment.”

Le says there are some challenges the industry needs to overcome and the biggest is an “old school mentality.”

“So many conferences I go to I see the same attendees, generally at the executive level. And while it’s great to share insights with experienced members of the industry, there are so many people behind the scenes with valuable insights at all different levels,” she says.

“Some of the brightest people in our company are the graduates. We’ve been working to create a BUENO industry event where we can have open conversation and share knowledge within the building industry.

“This will establish a platform to not only build industry connections but also to be able to have some fun with peers and like-minded people.”

Le clearly has a can-do attitude which is reflected in her achievements. She is an accredited NABERS CBD Assessor, who has completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) finishing in the top 5% of course graduates.

Le first joined BUENO as a systems engineer and was promoted to the role of general manager in February this year. At the tender age of 29, Le is in charge of 60 staff with 1,300 deployments in seven countries. Her colleagues describe her as a strategic thinker, tireless manager, and the embodiment of the type of leader the HVAC industry will see in the future.

When asked about the qualities that make a Rising Star, Le believes taking initiative is important.

“It's what I look for when developing future leaders within the company; also being open minded, giving things a crack and good intentions,” she says.

“I think its great that CCN has an awards category that recognises females in the industry, it encourages women to lean toward leadership and creates a community of supportive women.”

Award sponsor, ABB, presented Le with her award. ABB HVAC segment manager, Paul Burrows, said ABB would like to congratulate Lina Le for taking out the female category of the award.

"We would also like to congratulate the other finalists for being recognised by their industry peers for being rising stars," he said.



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