Engie Services engineer and winner of the Leader in Energy Savings & Sustainability Award, David Odd, has an impressive track record when it comes to energy efficiency.

For the past three years he has played a lead role in a number of innovative refits that have won industry accolades and resulted in Odd being appointed to lead the organisation's push into energy efficiency.

One project that has been profiled in these pages is the mechanical services upgrade at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. This is an Odd-led success story.

He oversaw the design and installation of the hotel's plant and equipment which delivered significant energy savings including a big reduction in the gas used for water heating.

The upgrade covered chillers, boilers and BMS controls. Of particular note was the redesign of the Quantum Chillers, enabling the chiller to be dismantled and taken to the 36th floor plant room using the standard goods lift.

Each month energy use is monitored and a monthly report is provided to the client. The agreement with the Hotel features a performance guarantee for the amount of energy used.

When the energy performance is better than the guarantee, gains are shared with the client with all losses carried by Engie.

Not only that, the deal is in place for a 12-year period. But Odd isn't concerned, he says by utlising energy efficient products and various forms of waste heat recovery the project exceeds performance guarantee requirements each and every month.

The results of his energy saving initiatives have been so good, Engie has been able to set aggressive growth plans, identifying key markets where aged plant and equipment with poor operating efficiency are ready for replacement.

Not surprisingly, Engie is on board adopting Odd's business plan to develop an energy efficiency business unit replicating the works completed at the Four Seasons Hotel.

“The Business Plan will target large, ageing buildings with high energy use like hotels and hospitals,” he says.

“Each opportunity identified could benefits from energy savings of at least 30%.”

Prior to joining Engie Services three years ago Odd was employed by AE Smith Pty Ltd.


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