The Australian Gas Association (AGA) is set to undertake a review of Australia's star rating system for gas heating products following the announcement last week that Seeley International has unveiled the world's first 7 star super energy efficient ducted gas heater.

Not only has Seeley International made manufacturing history with the release of the Braemar 7 star, but the company has "stuffed up" the ratings system which only reaches 6 stars.

Seeley International has shown a 'total disregard' for the ratings system, according to Chris Wealthy, chief executive of the AGA.

"When I first began developing the ratings system I said no one will reach six stars, but here we being forced to not only redesign the label but now we need to look at a review to update the star ratings system for gas heating products," he said.

Showcasing the Braemar 7 star in Melbourne last week, Seeley International founder and executive chairman, Frank Seeley, described it as a "magical moment" and  a superb testament to the company's commitment to innovation, research and development. The company employs more than 50 engineers, 16 of which report directly to the founder, Frank Seeley.

"In 2012 we launched the world's first 6-star ducted gas heating range, in 2013 we unveiled the Braemar Super Six ducted gas heater as the most energy efficient in the world, and now the Braemar 7 star raises the bar even further by offering a level of performance that will redefine the paradigm for the ratings system currently in use across Australia," he said.

Seeley said the Braemar 7 delivers the cheapest whole of home heating in Australia, saving consumers $438 per year in running costs compared to electric reverse cycle ducted air conditioning (calculations from Sustainability Victoria's website).

The Braemar 7 also features Australia's first comprehensive 7-year warranty and a 10-year heat exchanger and burner warranty period.

The new Braemar 7 star is available in a 26.6kW capacity with natural gas and is suitable for internal installations.

It includes the recently released MagIQtouch controller. Seeley International acquired Braemar in the mid-1990s and now it has the highest star rating in every category from 3 stars through to 6.

Because Seeley products offer the highest star ratings in every category, the company has called its range the Braemar Supernova Series.

At the launch Seeley International also unveiled an inverter integrated cooler product which allows refrigerated cooling to be connected to a gas heating system offering consumers heating and cooling through the same ducted system.

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