Lend Lease has awarded Veolia a long term contract to operate and maintain one of Australia’s largest district energy, cooling and water treatment schemes at Barangaroo South in Sydney.

The contract will involve the operations and maintenance of a 62 megawatt district cooling network, high voltage embedded electrical network and a recycled water treatment plant.

Designed and built by Lend Lease, this shared infrastructure will be critical to ensuring a carbon neutral and water positive outcome at this world-class commercial precinct.  

The first stage of the Barangaroo South project, comprising of commercial, residential and retail buildings will start to be occupied from mid 2015.  

The operation and maintenance of the precinct wide cooling plant by Veolia will ensure optimal thermal comfort for residents, tenants and visitors of the precinct at all times.

Veolia will achieve this comfort through the provision of cooling in the form of cold water supplied from a single central chiller plant. This centralised solution will allow for better utilisation of the commercial space due to the elimination of individual air-conditioning plants for each building within the development, electrical demand and greenhouse gas emissions.

The district wide chiller plant will be cooled by sea water from Sydney Harbour, reducing electrical demand and greenhouse gas emissions.

Veolia ANZ managing director, Doug Dean,  said the operation and maintenance services for the district cooling scheme will set a global industry benchmark in terms of performance and reliability.

Barangaroo South managing director, Andrew Wilson, said the project is the first carbon neutral precinct of its size in Australia and it will also be a water positive development.  

"The use of shared infrastructure, water recycling and harbour cooling are key components in meeting these ambitions," he said.

"We are pleased to be working with Veolia which has the experience to deliver these targets.”

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