Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) CEO, Glenn Evans, outlines plans to promote the RAC industry over summer period.

Last year, ARC's annual summer advertising campaign drove over 250,000 people to the RTA business directory website

Connecting refrigeration and air conditioning businesses with customers has been a big part of its operations for many years.

Businesses and technicians that do the right thing and get themselves qualified, licensed and authorised, deserve to be held up on a pedestal as the highest standard of professionalism in the industry.

For over 8 years, ARC has invested in advertising the benefits of using ARC-licensed businesses and technicians – both in the stationary and automotive sectors - to the Australian community, promoting the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and driving consumers to use appropriately licensed tradespeople.

Last year alone, over 250,000 people visited our ARClicensed business directory website, looking to connect with licensed businesses in their area.

ARC’s 2017-18 summer advertising campaign will use a variety of cost-effective marketing strategies including: search engine marketing, online advertising, regional paper advertising, Google AdWords and Facebook advertising.

In doing this, ARC looks to educate consumers on:

The importance of using qualified and licensed ARC technicians for refrigeration and air conditioning work (both stationary and automotive);

The differences between ARC licences, and ensuring consumers use the right person for the job;

The professionalism and skill of ARC licence holders and the RAC industry;

Non-licenced technicians have not demonstrated their willingness to adhere to their legal obligations and this may reflect in their services.

This means consumers run the risk of sub-par servicing or installation, product warranties becoming null and void, and refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere.

Improving consumer knowledge and providing pathways to connect consumers with ARClicensed businesses is good for the environment and good for businesses.

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