After such an eventful 2016, we can only hope that 2017 is a little less fractious for Australia's HVACR industry.

Let's face it 2016 ended on a pretty sour note with industry groups divided and unable to reach any kind of consensus on many issues. It wasn't such a peachy ending to a busy ARBS year.

In fact there was a whole lot of division on a whole range of topics and that included agreement on the best way forward for Australia's HVACR industry.

And while we've all had a bit of time over the festive season to cool down with a celebratory drink or two, I suspect its going to take more than a few weeks away from the office to get past some of the problems industry is tackling right now.

If you are not up-to-speed with recent industry developments check out the latest Prime headlines on this site. But basically
key stakeholders right across the HVACR industry have withdrawn from Prime, an AIRAH-led initiative created to provide industry with a roadmap to transition to a low emissions future.

Its an important initiative and for this industry there was, and still is, a lot at stake.

Prime was successful because it had widespread participation, it provided a forum for industry to address the meatier issues like training and licensing. But recent resignations from key industry groups will make future discussion difficult and not as effective.

There was a time when Prime did work - so maybe 2017 is an opportunity to make it work again. Everyone agrees there is a lot of work to do and its a new year which means new beginnings and new possibilities.

Its an opportunity for a fresh start so let's make it happen in 2017.


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