CCN's special edition review of ARBS 2018 is on its way.

CCN is the only publication to feature such comprehensive coverage of the ARBS Exhibition and our July 2018 bumper magazine issue has it all, from detailed showcases to product announcements and speaker presentations.

It was another successful, record-breaking ARBS event and with so much activity crammed into three days there was a lot to see and do. We hope you enjoy our coverage, which will be available in coming weeks, and have taken time to recover from all the excitement. We did still manage to include CCN's annual Heat Exchanger Feature.

To recover from the exhilaration of ARBS it was good to have some downtime in my bright and snazzy new apartment. Admittedly, being surrounded by so many smart appliances has left me feeling a little dumb.

The first challenge was connecting my smart TV. Based on my dismal DIY history I should have known it would all end in tears of frustration.

But no I am too delusional to admit defeat. I am a “who needs to read the instructions type of fool” (the worst kind). Only idiots read instructions right?

To make matters worse, I also like to think of myself as determined, you know not the type to give in too easily. We all know what that means – I delay the inevitable much longer than necessary.

So after a prolonged period of tears and tantrums I finally went online and booked a professional to finally get the job done properly.

This professional, who I shall call my smart solution, had the entire entertainment system operational in less than 20 minutes.

With all things smart becoming the norm in most homes today I was surprised to learn that there are still a lot of commercial buildings without smart technology.

But while undertaking this research for the upcoming building automation feature I did discover an interesting trend. The introduction of low-cost, easy-to-install Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, switches, and gateways, is actually providing a low cost alternative to mega BMS solutions.

These IoT devices also remove the capital cost barriers that accompany big BMS solutions. And while it's not the full BMS experience, these solutions can handle energy management, remote control, alerts, tenant sub-metering, or thermostat control.

They may not employ PID loops, but they’re affordable and functional enough to provide a high ROI for mid-market buildings.

Just another cost-effective alternative at a time when the entire HVACR market is looking for smart solutions.


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