Psst the secret is out - HVACR really is a great trade but do we need to tell everyone?

According to readers, we certainly do.

Last week CCN invited readers to give HVACR a sexy makeover by suggesting ways to make the industry more appealing to school leavers.

It was a mixed response but most readers agreed its all about the presentation and the need to give HVACR more of a slick and polished edge.

KOLDPAK general manager, Giles Waldock, said apprentices want to know they are entering a trade that is interesting and will also make them money.

"They need to know they will get to see and do interesting things," Waldock said.

"Take a well known place like a football stadium, then show a fridgie working on an impressive refrigeration system.

"Then deliver the tagline: I keep the beer cold for 60,000 fans on grand final night."

Waldock said it could be similar to the Navy and Air Force recruitment advertisements which show "I learned this and now I work on this."

"There are so many aspects of the industry we could showcase with apprentices working everywhere from cruise liners to skyscrapers," he said.

BM Refrigeration Services owner, Brendan McDonagh, said a good start would be greater industrial representation and better recognition as a trade.

"The industry needs more prestige, similar to plumbers and the electrical trade," he said.

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