It's been one helluva summer, especially for those fortunate enough to be in the air conditioning business. Let's be honest – heatwaves are good for business and its been booming.

Fresh from the hottest January on record, by the time the February heatwave arrived appliance retailers were struggling to keep up with the relentless demand for fans and air conditioners.

Department stores were plastered with “Sold Out” signs and the media were broadcasting desperate scenes of consumers searching in vain to buy anything that cools, even a handheld fan. But alas, the shelves were empty.

The scorching temperatures certainly impacted my life, every social invitation was decided by the TWAC factor.

Let me explain TWAC stands for Those with Air Conditioning or Those without Air Conditioning – it has been the deciding factor for every social invitation I have received in recent weeks.

Personally, I find the heat unbearable so if I am hot and sweaty, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I am also irritable and very inhospitable.

So really I am doing you a favour by not being a social butterfly and attending your event. And while its been a lucrative summer for suppliers, its also a relief to finally welcome the arrival of March and of course, Autumn.

It is the season of cool breezes and best of all for CCN, it is our awards season.

This is when we officially launch the HVACR Leadership Awards.

Due to the wonderful support CCN has received from industry we have been able to expand the program to include Tradie of the Year and Contractor of Year.

Please nominate and celebrate with us at the official awards presentation which will be held in Sydney on Thursday, August 24, 2017. To nominate go to

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