It has taken five years to get here, and it appears we have actually come full circle.

Five years ago, industry came together for the very first time under the CCN Live banner.

Interestingly, the topics industry debated back in 2013 are eerily similar to those on the 2017 agenda. But there is a significant difference. This year, industry can share a number of tangible outcomes that weren't even close to being realised in 2013.

This is why the 2017 event is such a milestone. It is proof industry has made some real strides forward during this period of time.

Every CCN Live event has focused on different aspects of the industry, the themes have changed from year to year. One year it was all about sustainability, another year the focus was on energy efficiency and new refrigerants and, of course, carbon pricing was a headliner in its heyday.

CCN's aim back in 2013 was to bring industry together to identify and debate HVACR priorities to strengthen the trade. We revisit this theme in a few months at “Trade Talk 2017: The Way Forward.”

In the space of a half day event, attendees will be briefed on the latest industry developments including the current and future regulatory landscape, workforce training initiatives, vocational reform, new refrigerants and licensing.

It is an opportunity for attendees to be fully briefed on all areas of industry in the space of a few hours. Often we are so preoccupied with the bottom line we forget to stop and reassess, before taking the next step.

Staying informed is critical and taking the time to network with peers is also important. Thankfully, CCN Live does it all for you - your only job is to turn up on the day. And that day is Thursday, August 24, 2017.

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Of course, there is always time to celebrate our best and brightest and that happens at every CCN Live event when we announce the winners of the annual HVACR Leadership Awards.

There is still time to nominate go to

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