Have you ever felt like you are cooling or heating your home or office for no one’s benefit (not to mention the wasted expense)? When you are only using a few rooms.

Well now there’s a fantastic solution for those times when you only want to air condition certain rooms or areas to reduce energy consumption and maximise comfort.

Introducing Toshiba’s T-Zone Air. A zone controller that will help save on energy consumption by allowing zoning to only those rooms you require, while reducing wear and tear on mechanical and electronic components.

T-Zone Air is an optional extra that can be retrofitted to existing Toshiba ducted air conditioners or installed on a new Toshiba Ducted Air Conditioning system.

“It works by creating zones from the number of rooms or areas available. Each zone is assigned a number with the capacity of the system dictating how many zones it can effectively air condition,” explains John Caione, AHIC’s business unit manager for Residential and Light Commercial Products.

“In fact, you can control up to 14 zones with 9 favourite scenarios to suit your lifestyle, including scheduling different rooms to come on at different times and at different temperatures. And with the Wi-Fi option, you can use your smart phone or tablet from anywhere at any time to control your air conditioning.”

T-Zone Air allows users to time schedule their air conditioner as well as switch their Toshiba Ducted system on or off, at any time of the day or night. Users can even schedule favourites to activate zones at pre-determined times.

“So, be welcomed to the environment that suits you when you want it, how you want it,” Caione said.

There is also a fresh air* feature which allows the T-Zone Air to run in Economy Cycle, to keep you comfortable instead of running the air conditioning compressor, plus it saves money .

* Requires accessory part supplied and installed separately


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