Blue IoT has launched Australia’s first end to end IoT (Internet of Things) Intelligent Cloud Building Management System (BMS), the company announced yesterday.

From edge devices through to a 100% Australian owned highly secured Tier IV data centre, there is no more need for a traditional proprietary BMS that is both expensive, local and cumbersome, the company said in a statement.

“No more expensive sensors and cables to contend with. Blue IoT uses low cost and secure wireless sensors and edge devices,” the company said.

“These are capable of capturing and aggregating data from multiple sources. This Aussie first which can also be retrofitted for existing buildings and spaces, as well for greenfield projects is delivered from a secure IoT cloud Intelligent BMS platform using a private secured network.”

Blue IoT founder and chief innovation officer, Bob Sharon, said it is a BMS on steroids which utilises a globally supported data analytics platform as the brains to deliver all the traditional BMS functions.

Sharon said the same platform simultaneously correlates, analyses and machine learns mountains of data every second in order to further optimize building infrastructure applicable to hospitals, HVAC, manufacturing etc., all in real time.

“This now brings predictive and prescriptive maintenance as one of the standard features of this platform,” he added.

“The traditional BMS Solutions that have been slow on Return on Investment (ROI) are a thing of the past.

“This revolutionary IoT BMS Platform delivers superior human comfort, safety and productivity, while significantly reducing upfront, energy and maintenance costs that were never thought possible.”

The new product will be on show at the Smart Cities Expo to be held in Melbourne on September 3-4, 2018.

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