Castolin Eutectic has launched new revolutionary brazing equipment utilising electrolysis, which operates without gas using water as fuel.

The Castolin dyomix OHM 2.4 is born from a collaboration with Bulane, a French company which has patented the dyomix technology.

With CleanTech dyomix it is possible to easily produce a clean high-performance fuel from the oxygen and hydrogen naturally present in water, with no storage requirements.

The flame born in this process burns at more than 2500ÂșC, and is particularly suitable for refrigeration and heating specialists, plumbers and for any other professionals using a flame in their daily work.

Compact, efficient and safe, the dyomix electrolysers have now been miniaturized to be used directly on site. The equipment was designed to be easy to use, lightweight and portable: just switch on the machine, plug it to a socket and start brazing (Plug & Braze).

By choosing Castolin dyomix OHM 2.4, users simplify their logistical constraints, reduce the level of risk in their daily activities and have a perfect flame onsite, at all times.

The new AutoFlam OH torch has been also entirely developed for full compatibility with the dyomix technology.

Its unique design and swivel connector at the torch inlet make it extremely ergonomic, lessening musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Its double action flame arrestor is directly built into the handle, ensuring perfect safety throughout the use of the torch.

The materials used are compatible with the oxy-hydrogen gas, making for a very sturdy, light and perfectly balanced AutoFlam OH torch.

One of the advantages of the Castolin dyomix OHM 2.4 brazing machine is its quick return on investment.

The company said the turnaround is 24 months, owing to the savings made on gas cylinders and time gained on procurement and supply.

This is in addition to simplified logistics namely no need to transport and stock gas bottles, no need to configure correct pressure settings on the pressure regulators, no complicated torch ignition and adjustments.

There are also improved health benefits. The perfect flame presents full combustion, which means no carbon monoxide or UV radiations, plus an ergonomic torch which is lighter, presenting a turning handle for easy manipulation and low noise level.

Environmental impact is minimized with a 94% reduction in the brazing carbon footprint.


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