Regardless of industry,  if your regular work day involves measuring in any capacity, accurate data is essential when carrying out any maintenance or calibration work.

To achieve the best results equipment should be serviced. General wear and tear on a well-used tool can impact its effectiveness. Accuracy and efficiency can degrade over time, standards can change - all meaning your instruments may need recalibration.

To help ensure your gear is optimised, Testo offers both calibration and general instrument maintenance services.

Testo's instruments are built with the latest technology available and although designed to last, occasional maintenance is still unavoidable. Testo's service offering is the most effective way to ensure tools stay in prime condition for as long as possible.

Our Australian service centre is complete with diagnostic equipment to conduct a comprehensive analysis on all instruments that come through. Expert technicians calibrate and service devices quickly, testing the condition of all sensors, replacing filters, cleaning pumps and internal gas paths and updating software and firmware where appropriate.

Each instrument dispatched to the Testo service department is booked into the tracking system before being assigned to a specialist, and your instrument data is also automatically stored on our system so any future enquiries can be addressed with greater efficiency.

Beyond general servicing, Testo's calibration offering is designed to ensure your measurements are accurate every time. While the shift from analogue technology to digital has brought many important benefits, keeping instruments aligned with rigorous standards may require assistance from specialist technicians. 

Using the same instrument data registry as mentioned above, there are benefits that come with being in the Testo system. For example, customers receive automated email notifications when tools are due for their next calibration. We understand that being separated from your tools can be problematic, so our calibration lab can have your instruments back to you in a matter of days,

By testing and adjusting all of the parameters relevant to our products - temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, light and sound - Testo's calibration technicians help you to get accurate measurements at all times.


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