Panasonic is delivering extraordinary energy efficiency, compact design and ultra-quiet operation for Australia’s modern apartment installations with its new Single Fan Mini-FSV LE2 Series.

Importantly, the new Air Conditioner range offers class-leading energy saving performance at up to 4.50 EER for cooling and 5.19 COP for heatingi .

,A high external static pressure of 35Pa ensures efficient air discharge, allowing better circulation and longer life. The units are demand response ready, allowing energy suppliers to remotely lower device energy consumption when the community is experiencing peak electrical loads.

The company's product marketing manager for air conditioning, Jack Tey, said the LE2 Series offers the compact size, performance and flexibility needed for today’s premium high rise residential developments.

“The slim dimensions, high pressure and long pipe length of the outdoor unit ensures effective operation while still fitting unobtrusively into small spaces,” he said.

“This means architects, consultants, contractors and builders have greater versatility when planning installation, and can retain the aesthetic appeal of their building design.

“In addition, super quiet operation is a must for comfortable high-density living and allows the developer to ensure compliance with any local noise regulations.”

The range blends seamlessly with the latest interior design, and includes both slim ducted and modern wall split units with a stylish wall-mounted controller.

Designed with Australian conditions in mind, the LE2 Series offers an anti-corrosion coating to counteract the effects of mist and salty air in coastal cities.

A wide operating range of -10C to +46C DB in cooling and -20C DB in heating meets the climate demands of Australian cities from the cold south to the dry west.

2-pipe Single Fan Mini FSV LE2 Series – Key Features:

 Capacity: 12.1kW, 14.0kW, 15.5kW
 Dimensions: 996mm (H) x 980mm (W) x 370mm (D)
 Extraordinary Energy Efficiency: EER 4.50 and COP 5.19i  Up to 35Pa external static pressure
 Super quiet at 45dB (A)ii
 Refrigerant chargeless up to 50m
 Long piping up to 180m
 Outdoor/indoor elevation: Up to 50m/40m (Up/Down)
 Demand Response ready
 Connect up to 9iii indoor units including models perfect for apartment applications - 200mm high slim ducted; modern wall split
 Modern design controller (CZ-RTC5A)
 Anti-Corrosion range in same capacity available

The LE2 range is available from authorised Panasonic air conditioning distributors and dealers from November 2017.

Panasonic offers a 5 year labour and parts warranty.



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