Panasonic has unveiled its advanced AC Smart Cloud, a cloud-based remote monitoring system that allows businesses to centralise control of Panasonic air conditioning installations from a single internet connection - anywhere, anytime, across multiple sites.

One of the first solutions of its kind, the new Panasonic AC Smart Cloud solution has been developed with the commercial market in mind, allowing an administrator to remotely monitor and control air conditioning systems in multiple locations with a simple click.

The administrator can remotely receive status updates and alert notifications in real-time via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The new AC Smart Cloud solution also showcases Panasonic’s advanced capabilities in smart, connected HVAC solutions (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) which provide real-time data to help companies save on energy and money, according to the company's product marketing manager for air conditioning, Jack Tey.

“The new Panasonic AC Smart Cloud allows accurate and instant monitoring and control, so companies can compare performance across locations and develop best practice in building energy management,” he said.

The solution is targeted to organisations such as universities which have a number of buildings across a campus; as well as aged care facilities, hospitality, retail and government.

Tey said the new AC Smart Cloud system is fully scalable so it can be adapted to the needs of a business – from a franchise to a large facilities company.

A Cloud Adaptor, which is connected to the Panasonic heating and cooling installations at each premises, feeds real-time data and information via a central cloud portal directly to the user. The system is simple to use and does not require specialised software, so users can log in ‘anytime, anywhere’ using a standard web browser.

Panasonic heating and cooling units are connected to the cloud server using the company’s integrated LAN connection. It is quick and easy to install and can be connected to new and existing installations, with all parameters updated in real time.

It allows accurate and instant monitoring, 'anytime, anywhere'.

The new AC Smart Cloud system has a user-friendly operations interface, to optimise time management and minimise energy costs with accurate and instant monitoring of:

Temperatures: Optimise climate with full control of individual units/ groups/ sites to reduce energy costs

Running Time: Anticipate maintenance requirements with the potential to improve energy consumption

Breakdowns: Error logs and alert notification help maintenance to take quick action to fix malfunctions as they occur

Energy Efficiency: Statistics are provided, allowing organisations to track and reduce energy consumption Performance:

Compare performance across locations and develop best practice

User profiles: Easy to create unique user accounts and assign locations to the network

Site floor map: Installations can be viewed via a simple unit chart or floor map of the site, allowing smooth operation for non-specialist users

Alarms: Can be set as required

For more information on AC Smart Cloud, contact 1300 COMFORT (1300 266 367).

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