Blygold is the market leader in high-end corrosion protection of HVACR equipment.

Since its inception in 1976, Blygold has designed and manufactured patented protective coatings dedicated only to the HVACR and related industries.

Next to corrosion causing economical damage, it also affects health, safety and environmental issues. Blygold products and services will extend the economic lifetime of your equipment and will keep the efficiency high.

These solutions focus on lifetime extension, energy saving and cost reduction measures for your HVACR equipment.

Established for over 42 years, Blygold works with a global network of trained and licensed applicators, creating the same high level of quality applications all over the world.

Through this global network of local applicators, Blygold create awareness of global trends on a local level.

Blygold focuses on services and products that offer sustainable solutions for the problems that clients are facing.

The company has superior knowledge and understanding of the products, the market and its clients.

Blygold is an innovative and forward-thinking company offering unique and sustainable high-quality protection against corrosion.

This is a company that is aware of the know-how and state-of-the-art products and techniques to solve any corrosion problem. There are a multitude of success stories that says it all.

The company is committed to core values: 

Quality, Innovation and Sustainability
HVAC Coil Coating
Tube Sheet & Water Box Cladding
Cabinet & Casings Protection
HVAC Refurbishment/Renovations


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