Panasonic has launched its new R32 light commercial air conditioning solution, intuitively designed for simple installation and powerful performance in the commercial market.

The outdoor unit has been innovatively designed with a single fan body for prodigiously effective output, within an extremely compact design to fit into any space or layout.

In line with the Australian Government’s commitment to the Montreal Protocol to phase-down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) by 85% between 2019 and 2036, Panasonic’s new R32 light commercial air conditioning range has a low global warming potential (GWP) of 675 and only 32 per cent emissions compared to the previous range.

Along with the unit’s compact design, Panasonic’s premium Inverter Technology ensures constant comfort air-conditioning, with precise temperature control and a wider power output range to perform in even the most extreme conditions in Australia, according to Jack Tey, product marketing manager, Air Conditioning, Panasonic Australia.

“Panasonic has a 60-year track record in providing innovative air conditioning products and solutions that create comfortable and healthy living spaces,” he said.

“At the same time, we have also championed ease of installation and the needs of all users. This theme is ever-present in our latest range.

“We have also developed smart control management solutions to help users control and monitor energy consumption, and remove the restrictions of traditional systems.”

High Static Pressure Ducted (indoor unit)

The High Static Pressure Ducted unit features a large airflow up to 1,000L/s and up to 150Pa static pressureiii for exceptional installation flexibility.

The compact body size also allows the unit to be concealed in the ceiling, ideal when interior décor is an important consideration for homes with many rooms or in light commercial buildings.

Mid Static Pressure Ducted (indoor unit)

The mid static pressure ducted solution controls all aspects of the environment with exceptional performance and quiet operation.

The space saving of 290mm in height together with a built-in drain pump means it is the ideal fit when ceiling heights are restricted.

4-Way Cassette (indoor unit)

The flat panel design, high velocity and low sound levels make the 4-Way Cassette ideal for buildings with high ceiling architecture. An air intake box can also be added for fresh air intake, to meet building regulations.

This new 4-Way Cassette can be fitted with Panasonic’s unique air purifying technology nanoe X sensor to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Under Ceiling (indoor unit)

With its streamlined, one-motion form, the Under Ceiling unit looks thin and compact when installed for a neat appearance in any room. When not operating, the louver closes to provide an elegant look while also keeping the unit clean.

The shape of the outlet has been optimised to provide long-distance air flow distribution – making sure that even in long rooms, air flow reaches every corner, delivering comfortable air-conditioning and higher efficiency.

Wall Mounted (indoor unit)

With stylish smooth, compact design and large output capacity, the new wall mounted unit is ideal for small offices, restaurants and other commercial applications.  With piping outlets possible in six directions and a washable front panel, installation and maintenance is trouble-free. Air distribution is also automatically adjusted depending on the operational mode of the unit, using Panasonic’s ECONAVI sensorv technology.

Smart Control Management Solutions

The range also features smart control management solutions for each unique need, including:

Smart Connectivity – a new, state-of-the-art solution providing energy saving comfort as well as simple installation, integration, operation and running - either in stand-alone architecture or in Building Management System (BEMS) architecture.

AC Smart Cloud – providing complete control of all installations, a simple click from today’s portable devices delivers real-time status updates from several locations to optimise costs and reduce the chance of breakdowns.

All products are now available via Panasonic Air Conditioning specialist dealers - for further information, please call 1300 COMFORT.


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