Heatcraft has announced the availability of the new Blackmax cordless vacuum pump, from CPS.

This lightweight and portable cordless pump is ideal for small A/C installs, small commercial service and install, domestic, automotive and on sites where power supply is an issue.

Many other cordless vacuum pumps are supplied skin only (excluding battery and charger).

The Blackmax VPC2S-18VC cordless vacuum pump is supplied with a 6.0Ah battery to ensure you have the right amperage battery for usage of up to 1 hour run time.

The Blackmax VPC2S-18VC cordless vacuum pump also comes with a normally closed solenoid valve. The solenoid valve closes once the battery is about to run out.

This is designed to ensure there is no cross-contamination of system and vacuum pump oil once the battery runs out.

It also has the advantage of holding the vacuum, so the vacuum isn't lost if the battery runs out.

To order your Blackmax VPC2S-18VC cordless vacuum pump contact Heatcraft on 13 23 50.

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